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Led by one of the nation’s top health care leaders, Wexford Solutions will ensure you surpass your goals. Building on decades of experience and relationships with decision makers in Washington D.C. and health care executives nationwide, Wexford is your answer.

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Long-time hospital industry CEO with close ties to senior leaders. Including Congress, Administration, hospital C-Suite and pharmacy executives.

Government Relations

Decades of experience with key policymakers. Unparalleled understanding of hospital and pharmaceutical policy. Ensure you are well-represented in Washington.


Gifted Writer/Speaker. Innovative thought leader. Strong relations with media to ensure your message is delivered.

Business Development

Build and strengthen your market power. Essential guidance and support from an experienced entrepreneur.



4 days ago
This #SCOTUS hearing involving #340B, an important drug discount program, should be fascinating to listen to. @340B_Report will provide a detailed report later today. https://t.co/JsRoTGmZ3P
2 weeks ago
In this column, I look at the recent court decisions in the #340B contract pharmacy standoff & provide insights on how the battle is likely to be resolved. I also write about how political philosophy can have a profound effect on #340B enforcement powers. https://t.co/qRlOaR9sFA
2 weeks ago
Interesting deep dive into #340B debate by @sjtribble of @KHNews and @EmVestigates of @InvestigateTV @GrayTelevision. Powerful stories about impact of contract pharmacy restrictions on vulnerable patients. https://t.co/annBxqoyoK

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Implications of Recent Court Decisions on 340B Contract Pharmacy Program

In this month's column, I am going to touch upon the flurry of recent court decisions in the 340B contract pharmacy standoff and then dive into a key argument made by each of the pharmaceutical … Read

Recent 340B Legislative Activity a Harbinger?

After a quiet period, the pharmaceutical industry and its congressional allies are renewing efforts to make long-sought changes to the 340B program. While the moves are unlikely to gain much traction … Read

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The Hon. Henry Waxman

Fmr. Chairman, House Energy & Commerce Committee and House Oversight & Government Reform Committee

Ted has dedicated his career to tackling some of the most important and complex health care policy challenges facing the nation.  He is a leading voice and thinker on health care access issues and I appreciate his advice and counsel.  I have had the pleasure to work with him and consider him a good friend and colleague.

The Hon. Gil Gutknecht

Member of U.S. House of Representatives (1995-2007)

I really enjoy working with Ted. He has a unique ability to connect with people and is an excellent strategic thinker. He is a great communicator and a thoughtful writer. He also has very good relationships on both sides of the political aisle, which is very important in Washington.

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