Our Services

Access to Decision Makers

Long-time hospital industry CEO with close ties to senior leaders. Including Congress, Administration, hospital C-Suite and pharmacy executives.

  • Tell your story to government decision makers and key staff
  • Get introduced to senior executives at hospitals and industry
  • Strengthen your message and ensure it stands out

Government Relations

Decades of experience with key policymakers. Unparalleled understanding of hospital and pharmaceutical policy. Ensure you are well-represented in Washington.

  • Meet with key decision makers from both parties
  • Sharpen your message and get it delivered
  • Keep apprised of latest developments and what it means for you
  • Receive indispensable strategic advice


Gifted Writer/Speaker.  Innovative thought leader. Strong relations with media to ensure your message is delivered.

  • Speaking engagements.  Insightful and entertaining thoughts from one of the nation’s top health care leaders and observers
  • Veteran journalist and health care thought leader with tremendous contacts and skills
  • Engaging and thought-provoking writer and communicator

Business Development

Build and strengthen your market power.  Essential guidance and support from an experienced entrepreneur.

  • Grow your client base and keep your current ones happy
  • Objective evaluation of services and products
  • Indispensable and thoughtful guidance from industry leader