Welcome to Wexford Solutions

October 22, 2018

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

I am very excited to announce that I have launched a consulting firm—Wexford Solutions.  First you might ask, why Wexford?  I happen to live on Wexford Drive so the company reminds me of home–a place of great memories, a loving family and friendships.  Also, it is easier to spell than Slafsky.  You won’t believe how many times I have to had to spell out Slafsky when I have made a phone call.  F as in Frank, S as in Sam…….

But I digress.  I consider Wexford the third phase in an exciting and rewarding career.  After graduating from college in Boston, I moved to Washington to become a journalist at U.S. News & World Report.  I loved the job and was very lucky to have terrific mentors whom I admire greatly.  I learned a lot about a variety of exciting areas including politics, national security, education policy and health care.  It was at U.S. News that I discovered that I was really passionate about health care.  My father was a surgeon and professor at Brown University Medical School so I knew a lot about the economics of health care and I admired my father’s compassion and commitment to serve all patients regardless of ability to pay.  I was deeply concerned (and continue to be) about the inequities in health care.

After graduating from Duke with a master’s degree and working on Capitol Hill on health reform, I began my second phase.  I was so excited to learn about an opportunity to build an organization of hospitals that were participating in a new drug discount program that Congress and President George H.W. Bush had recently created.  I was even more excited to learn I would have the chance to work not only with hospitals but other health care providers who serve low-income and other vulnerable patients.  Two decades later, 340B Health represents over 1300 hospitals and health systems in the 340B program and the 340B Coalition is as strong as ever.

As I begin phase three, I am guided by the same values and work-ethic that have underpinned my life’s work.  You can also count on Wexford to provide unmatched client support and a unique set of skills that you cannot find anywhere else.  Wexford is clearly a different type of consulting firm.

Since its recent creation, Wexford has already started working on behalf of a great group of clients that I believe strongly in.  I encourage you to learn more about Wexford at our new website and to follow me on Twitter @tslafsky

I look forward to hearing from you and collaborating with you.



Ted Slafsky
Wexford Solutions

(M) 703-517-1325
Twitter:  @tslafsky