Could the States Resolve the Contract Pharmacy Impasse?

After a recent lull in the ongoing battle over whether drug manufacturers can continue to place restrictions on access to 340B discounts in the contract pharmacy setting, things are heating up at the state level. … [Read more...]

The Big Question on the Minds of Every 340B Stakeholder

As we pass the third anniversary of the pharmaceutical industry’s surprise decision to significantly scale back access to 340B pricing in the contract pharmacy setting, the key question is:  Why is it taking so long to come up with a … [Read more...]

The Growing Inevitability of New 340B Reporting Requirements

Just before the end of most state legislative sessions for 2023, two states enacted the first ever 340B-specific reporting requirements for covered entities. As my colleague Will Newton reported in 340B Report, Minnesota was the first to enact a … [Read more...]

Lessons from Two State Legislatures and What They Mean for 340B Stakeholders

As many 2023 state legislative sessions come to an end, it is a good time to take a closer look at two states—one in the South and one in the Northeast—to see how they are tackling some of the most pressing matters impacting 340B stakeholders. … [Read more...]

Could We Have a Breakthrough in the Contract Pharmacy Battle?

As we reach the third-year mark since pharmaceutical manufacturers began to restrict access to 340B pricing in the contract pharmacy setting, we recently experienced a watershed moment that I believe will lead to an end of the standoff between the … [Read more...]

A Cheat Sheet of the Growing List of 340B Groups

With the recent launch of 340B Truth and with several other advocacy/educational groups using 340B in their names, it is a good time to provide a tutorial on the different groups and their goals.  The list below is not exhaustive but reflects … [Read more...]

Reflecting on the NACHC-PhRMA 340B Alliance

Many of us in the 340B community are still trying to digest the news that the National Association of Community Health Centers has formed an alliance with PhRMA and will be advocating for major reforms to the 340B program. … [Read more...]

Could We Have the Makings of a Grand Bargain on 340B?

For the past three decades, hospitals and federal grantees have been more successful than pharmaceutical companies when it comes to policy changes to the 340B drug discount program.  Despite the drug industry’s deeper pockets, 340B covered entities … [Read more...]

Three 340B Observations for 2023

I am very excited to be writing my inaugural column for Verity Solutions’ blog.  I have a long-time friendship with Verity’s CEO George Puckett that spans close to three decades and have always admired and counted on the Verity team for their … [Read more...]

After a Lull in Action, Expect 340B to Be Under the Microscope in the Next Congress

Political pundits and others in Washington, D.C. should be thankful that betting on U.S. elections is illegal. Otherwise, there would have been a lot of money lost on the Congressional midterm races where the expected “red wave” never materialized. … [Read more...]