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Recent Actions Underscore the Need for a Renewed Focus on Protecting 340B

It is hard to believe that the 340B provider community was celebrating two important victories just a few months ago. In June, the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) announced that it was eliminating a long-standing barrier that kept … [Read more...]

Threats to the 340B Program and How to Successfully Tackle Them

The 340B program is facing its biggest challenges since the early days of the program when drug company lobbyists almost convinced Congress to make the program voluntary for pharmaceutical manufacturers. “We are facing the greatest threats to the … [Read more...]

Why the November Elections Really Matter for Drug Pricing and the 340B Program

June 29, 2020, was just another Monday for most people in the United States. But for Washington, D.C. health care policy observers, it will be remembered as the day that all hope died for comprehensive drug pricing legislation this year. While the … [Read more...]

340B Contract Pharmacy: A Great Opportunity That Requires Vigilance

As health centers continue to grapple with unprecedented financial losses during the COVID-19 pandemic, many have explored ways to further tap into the 340B drug pricing program. While 340B savings have become even more essential during this economic … [Read more...]

Time to Tackle Racial Disparities in Health Care

The brutal deaths of George Floyd and Ahmaud Arbery have exposed the country to the systematic racism and injustice that Black Americans face daily. As we reach an inflection point on social injustice, it is time to act on equal access to health … [Read more...]

Telehealth and 340B in the COVID-19 Era and Beyond

As health centers approach their second quarter of treating patients in the COVID-19 era, one thing is for certain-- telehealth is here to stay. While some of the accommodations that the government has provided may tighten in the post-COVID world, … [Read more...]

The nation’s view of the drug industry and its implications for 340B stakeholders

As the scientific community continues to devote unprecedented attention and resources to finding treatments and a vaccine for COVID-19, policymakers are wondering whether Americans’ attitudes towards the pharmaceutical industry will change. Last … [Read more...]

COVID-19’s impact on the 340B community: every cloud has a silver lining

As the nation faces its greatest threat since World War Ⅱ, each day we are confronted with more grim news. Despite impressive progress in flattening the curve, the death toll and the number of coronavirus-infected patients … [Read more...]

Coronavirus likely to sideline 2020 policy changes for prescription pricing and 340B, while Medicare Part B reimbursement changes continue as planned

The coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak is not only having a profound impact on our health care system, the American psyche, the stock market and the shelves at Costco — it will also affect what we can expect on drug pricing and 340B … [Read more...]

Four Key Takeaways from the 340B Coalition Winter Conference

It was a pleasure to join over 1,900 stakeholders at the 340B Coalition Winter Conference in San Diego Feb. 10-12. I wanted to share my latest column that provides my four key takeaways from the event: 340B providers should feel empowered to … [Read more...]