Why the November Elections Really Matter for Drug Pricing and the 340B Program

June 29, 2020, was just another Monday for most people in the United States. But for Washington, D.C. health care policy observers, it will be remembered as the day that all hope died for comprehensive drug pricing legislation this year. While the … [Read more...]

COVID-19’s impact on the 340B community: every cloud has a silver lining

As the nation faces its greatest threat since World War Ⅱ, each day we are confronted with more grim news. Despite impressive progress in flattening the curve, the death toll and the number of coronavirus-infected patients … [Read more...]

Four Key Takeaways from the 340B Coalition Winter Conference

It was a pleasure to join over 1,900 stakeholders at the 340B Coalition Winter Conference in San Diego Feb. 10-12. I wanted to share my latest column that provides my four key takeaways from the event: 340B providers should feel empowered to … [Read more...]

Recent 340B Developments of Interest and Words of Advice

Congress just returned to Washington, but there have been several 340B developments both in D.C. and in the states during the long summer recess. In my latest monthly column, I cover a few of these topics: 1)   HRSA Solicits Bids … [Read more...]

Op-Ed in USA Today

I wanted to pass along an op-ed that I wrote for USA Today.  The piece, which was published this week, focuses on how rural health care would suffer if the Affordable Care Act is repealed.  In particular, I write about how the ACA … [Read more...]