Recent 340B Developments of Interest and Words of Advice

Congress just returned to Washington, but there have been several 340B developments both in D.C. and in the states during the long summer recess. In my latest monthly column, I cover a few of these topics: 1)   HRSA Solicits Bids … [Read more...]

A Welcome Addition to the 340B Debate

The pharmaceutical industry has successfully harnessed the power of patient groups to help in their advocacy efforts throughout state capitals and in Washington, D.C. According to the most recent data available, drug companies and their trade groups … [Read more...]

Why the President Should Hope He Loses ACA Court Battle

It has become axiomatic that Republican presidential candidates trounce their Democratic rivals in the South and other rural areas. The last time Democrats truly competed was in 1996, when Bill Clinton won such states as West Virginia, … [Read more...]